Available Loans

Standard Loans

The Standard Loan Rate of 8.9% (9.3% APR) is available for a range of purposes including, but not limited to:

  • Holidays
  • Cars
  • Small Home improvements; up to €40,000
  • New furniture or appliances
  • Christmas expenses
  • Family occasions e.g. Weddings, Communions, Confirmations etc.
  • Annual insurance costs

Student Loan

The Student Loan Rate of 5.95% (6.2% APR) is available to those going back to school/college to get the qualification they always wanted, or starting college for the first time after completing their Leaving Cert.

Large Home Improvement Loan

The Large Home Improvement loan rate of 6.99% (7.2% APR) is available for loans between €40,000 to €75,000 to improve/renovate your main private residence. Now could be the time to get that new kitchen or attic conversion you have been dreaming of.

Share Secured Loan

The Share Secured loan rate of 5.95% (6.2% APR) is available for loans fully secured by shares for the full duration of the loan. Make the most of those hard-earned savings by availing of this reduced rate.

Cultivate Loan

Cultivate is an initiative of a group of Credit Unions that provides
short to medium term loan opportunities built specifically around the growing needs of our farming members. Whatever your needs:

  • Invest in new or second hand machinery
  • Upgrade your buildings and facilities
  • Purchase additional livestock
  • Obtain working capital
  • Increase cash flow

Requirements for a member when applying for a loan: Maximum loan amount: €50,000, Loan term: 7 years, Rate 6.55%, Apr: 6.75%

Debt Consolidation

The Debt Consolidation loan rate of 6.99% (7.2% APR) is available for loans between €20,000 and €75,000 to help you bring your debts under control with one loan and one weekly/fortnightly/monthly repayment.

Business & Large Business

The Business loan rate of 8.9% (9.27% APR) is available for business-related loans up to €40,000. If it is a new business, the maximum loan is €24,999. A Large Business loan of between €40,000 and €75,000 is available at 6.99% (7.2% APR). Under the current pandemic circumstances, businesses are facing many challenges, please contact us to discuss whether the credit union may be in a position to help with such a business loan.


Community is the foundation stone of the credit union and the Community loan rate of 5.95% (6.2% APR) is available for clubs or societies seeking to invest in their groups.

House Loan

The House loan rate of 5.95% (6.2%) is available on loans up to €100,000 for the purchase of your private residence and must be secured by a legal charge on the property. This type of loan could also be used for a major renovation of your existing private residence.

Please note that Terms and Conditions apply to all loan types.

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